Free Reign
"It’s alright to cry, even my dad does sometimes. So don’t wipe your eyes,
tears remind you you’re alive." - Ed Sheeran

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"Standing in the eye of the storm
My eyes start to roll to the curl of your lips
And the center of eclipse
In total darkness I reach out and touch”

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"We must choose to reach out and touch."

       - Troye Sivan

So I know what I’m about to say probably isn’t what Troye wrote this song about, but this one lyric kind of hit me. I kind of thought about the human race and where we are in this era. I thought about how we as a people are so dependent on the internet and our phones to connect us to each other. But what if we weren’t dependent on those things… what if we made face to face, body to body, hand to hand contact… We could be a lot more connected as a whole… idk.. I’m just so in my head right now because my roommate is at a concert and I’m alone and this is the shit I think about when I’m alone….